Solar Plant Testing

Solar Plant PyranometerUtility Scale Solar Plant Performance Testing

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

  • Power Output
  • Thermal Energy Production
  • Conversion Efficiency
  • Compare to Performance Model Projections
  • HTF System and solar system parasitic power consumption
  • Availability

Photovoltaics (PV)

  • Performance Ratio Testing
  • Availability Testing

McHale is well versed in Short-Duration Steady-State Thermal Power Tests and Multi-Day Continuous Energy Tests and how to determine test results that provide confidence to the parties of the test.

Plant Component Testing

  • Solar Field
  • Heat Transfer & Buffer/Storage
  • Power Block
  • Auxiliary Systems Load

Technical Advisor
McHale Performance has technical advisors that are experienced in serving as “owner’s engineers” that identify, quantify, and mitigate risks associated with plant performance for our clients.  McHale Advisors understand the importance of reviewing proposed designs, development of strong contractual language, construction monitoring, and witnessing of key tests to ensure performance guarantees are achieved with confidence so to ensure the success of a project.

ASME Test Code Specialists
McHale Performance is recognized throughout the power generation market as a specialized engineering group that provides superior testing and plant performance improvement services. McHale is actively involved in the development of ASME PTC 52 Performance Test Code Committee for Concentrating Solar Power Plants and our staff has served as Vice Chairman of this committee.

Qualified & Impartial Test Personnel
McHale has worked with a variety of EPC contractors, plant owners, and manufacturers throughout the solar industry. The McHale team is known for quick response time, expertise in plant and component issues, and accurate results.

Code Compliant & Calibrated Test Equipment
McHale has a compliment of test equipment designed to augment the standard built in solar power plant instrumentation so to improve the uncertainty of performance testing necessary to meet the desired confidence for contractual acceptance and for provision of information for long term financial projections of the assets.

  • Pyranometers
  • Ambient Temperature, Humidity, and Wind Sensors
  • Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Meters
  • Clamp on Temperature Sensors
  • Immersion Temperature Sensors
  • Infrared Temperature Imaging
  • Mobile Data Loggers
McHale has been providing Thermal Performance Solutions for over 20  years
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