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AQCS Testing

Our comprehensive performance service portfolio, decades of expertise and plant performance testing/optimization capabilities make us the ideal partner for improving water, sorbent, catalysts, and power cost efficiencies, reducing emissions, and optimizing waste heat recovery in plants.  The keys to a successful optimization and performance test of a control system include a competent and comprehensive approach plan that is focused upon all the project goals.  Since performance testing, permit emission compliance testing,  and Relative Accuracy Test Audit (RATA) testing may have different sample period durations and plant operational set points, it is to the best interest of the project to design a comprehensive test plan that accommodates all the testing so to ensure that testing schedules and approaches are optimized  to reduce fuel consumption costs, avoid schedule delays, and to provide confident test results that facilitates acceptance. For this key step, it is necessary to have both a performance test plan and a monitoring quality assurance plan that work together.  Please see how McHale Performance can aid you with your Air Quality Control System assets.

Coal Plant Power Market

McHale Performance has continually proven our value as trusted advisors to our clients by identifying plant performance improvements that lead to increased efficiencies, reduced in emissions, improved availability, maximized reliability, and greater fuel flexibility. Our services have demonstrated clear reduction in losses and have boosted revenue through targeted performance testing, operational audits, and optimization studies. Please see how McHale Performance can help you and your coal assets gain an edge in meeting today's complex electricity generation market while improving financial performance.

Natural Gas Power Market

With recent initiatives for cleaner sources of energy, natural gas has demonstrated itself a key contributor to the power market.  As the leading provider of power generating performance solutions, McHale provides engineering, consulting, and testing services to help your organization achieve the highest levels of availability, capacity, and efficiency to maximize the performance – and value – of your natural gas generating assets in a safe, productive, profitable, and environmentally friendly way.

Whether it is a new construction or existing asset, McHale Performance has a proven track record of tuning, optimizing, and testing natural gas fired turbines, boilers, combined cycles and cogeneration facilitates.  Please see how McHale Performance can help you in your responsibility to manage your natural gas fired asset to be the best it can be.

Oil and Gas Power Market

The oil and gas industry clearly does not lend itself to a one-size-fits-all approach to project performance assessment solutions.  Having a trusted advisor with a full portfolio of flexible services and a wide range of experience to provide high confidence testing and advisory solutions for determining and optimizing the facility or component performance is a fundamental contributor to a project success.   In collaboration with our customers, McHale Performance provides proven testing, optimization, and advising solutions that matter in the oil and gas industry.  Please see how McHale Performance can help ensure you get the promised performance out of your oil and gas assets.

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